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Established in July, 1986 by Sree Narayana Mandira Samiti situated at P.L. Lokhande Marg, Chembur (west) in it’s about 5 acres of greenery land with 2 multi-storied buildings and very close to Chembur railway station and mono rail and many BEST buses are regularly operating at this route serving people coming from different destinations. The College was started mainly to serve the local student community who were otherwise largely deprived of higher education but today students living across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane city seek admission. The College is permanently affiliated to University of Mumbai and recognized by UGC under Sections 2(f) and 12B of UGC Act, accredited thrice by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) of India and it is a Malayalam Linguistic Minority Institution. Read More

  • Quality education to all irrespective of caste, creed, socio-economic status and uplift the poor and downtrodden.
  • Enhancing the personality by fostering moral and ethical values and to produce dynamic and able minded youth.

Empowerment through Higher Education to all strata of Society.

Dr. Ravindran Karathadi


Principal Message

Welcome to Sree Narayana Guru College of Commerce!

As the Principal of this esteemed College, I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to all students, faculty members, staff, and visitors to our College website.

Established in 1986 with a vision of ‘Empowerment through Higher Education to all strata of Society’, Sree Narayana Guru College of Commerce has evolved into a vibrant center of learning and growth. Our 5-acre campus sets the stage for an enriching educational experience, offering a conducive environment for academic pursuits and personal development for our 12 undergraduates and 4 postgraduate students.

We take pride in our state-of-art facilities, carefully designed to cater to the diverse needs of our students. Our 4 sports grounds, including a well-maintained turf ground, provide ample opportunities for physical activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle and instilling values of teamwork and perseverance. The large size library and reading room stand as a testament to our commitment to nurturing a knowledge-driven community, where intellectual curiosity is encouraged.

To stay ahead in the digital era, we have set up 4 computer labs equipped with the latest technology, enabling our students to explore the territories of technology and innovation.

At Sree Narayana Guru College of Commerce, we firmly believe in fostering holistic development among our students. In addition to academic excellence, we offer a wide range of skill-based certificate courses that empower our students with practical expertise, making them industry ready.

We understand that each student is unique, and our mentoring system and bridge courses are designed to provide personalized support, ensuring that no talent goes unnoticed, and no challenge goes unaddressed.

Beyond academics, we promote the spirit of creativity and talent through various intra and inter-collegiate sports and cultural events, providing a platform for our students and students of many colleges affiliated to University of Mumbai to showcase their abilities and lasting memories.

We regularly conduct industry visits and guest lectures, where industry experts share their invaluable experiences and insights, enriching the learning journey of our students.

Our dedicated placement committee works tirelessly to connect our students with reputable organizations, facilitating a smooth transition from education to employment.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to our exceptional faculty and staff members for their unwavering dedication to shaping the future of our students and building a legacy of academic excellence.

I invite all aspiring students and parents to join our institution and become a part of our close- knit family. Together, let us continue to illuminate minds, transform lives, and make a positive impact on the world.

Thank you for visiting Sree Narayana Guru College of Commerce. I wish you all a successful and fulfilling educational journey.


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Our Programs

At Sree Narayana Guru College of Commerce, we strive to provide quality education and comprehensive academic programs to our students. We offer a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, catering to different fields of study. Read More

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Our Facility


The College has a smart room which is wi-fi enabled. The resources that a faculty enjoys here are permanently placed in simple, easy-to-use configurations. It promotes proper learning environment, simple, friendly and non-intimidating classroom technology which inspires the presenters who rely on improvisation, spontaneity and audience participation.

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Campus Life

Campus life is integral to the college experience, offering a vibrant and dynamic environment for students to learn, grow, and create lasting memories. It encompasses a wide range of activities, interactions, and opportunities that contribute to a holistic education beyond the classroom. From academic pursuits to extracurricular involvement, campus life plays a crucial role in shaping a student's personal and professional development.

One of the most prominent aspects of campus life is the academic atmosphere. Students have access to state of art facilities, a spacious library and reading room, 04 computer labs , well equipped media lab, electronic lab, volley ball and basket ball court,vibrant placement cell , strong alumni, spacious turf ground, well equipped gymkhana , to mention a few facilities. They attend lectures, engage in discussions, and collaborate with faculties and peers, expanding their knowledge and critical thinking skills. The campus becomes a hub for intellectual exploration, where students are encouraged to challenge their perspectives and explore diverse fields of study.

Extracurricular activities are essential to campus life, offering students opportunities to pursue their passions and interests outside the classroom. Our Inter Collegiate event OASIS attracts more than 60 Colleges across the city every year and has many cultural , literary and sports events. By participating in such events , students are able to to connect with like-minded individuals, form lasting friendships, and develop leadership skills. Whether it's joining a sports team, participating in cultural events, or engaging in community service projects, extracurricular activities provide a well- rounded experience that enhances personal growth and character development.

Campus life is not limited to academic and extracurricular pursuits alone; it also encompasses a rich social life. Students have numerous opportunities to engage in social activities through NSS and DLLE and cultural festivals. These events create a lively and vibrant atmosphere, where students can unwind, connect with others, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Moreover, campus life offers a diverse and inclusive environment that promotes cultural exchange, celebrating the unique perspectives and backgrounds of individuals from different walks of life.

In conclusion, campus life is a vibrant and multifaceted experience that complements academic learning and contributes to the overall development of students. It offers a wide range of opportunities for intellectual growth, extracurricular involvement, social interaction, and personal well-being.

Alumni Association

SNGC Alumni Association welcomes you all to join our great community which endeavours to impart, share and collaborate our collective experience among ourselves, the society and the future alumni. Feeling a duty to give back to our beloved institution the leanings that we acquired from it; with renewed and fruitful learning we experienced in life enriching it further.

Its time we act together, now and in synchrony to make our society and environment a better place to be in. The alumni always come back to the institution to contribute in various ways. They often guide the current students and share their experiences in the academics (by orienting and teaching them or donating their books and other materials), cultural and sports events (by training them for their performances), or even employment ( by training them for their recruitment in corporate world or making them aware about the career options in their own field).

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